ASComm Beyond Words combines translation and technical expertise to guarantee a quality and consistent linguistic adaptation for your film or documentary. We will ensure not only a precise linguistic and cultural transfer of the text, but we will respect time and space constraints, the relationship between Language and Image, as well as the cinematic language and styles specific to each film or documentary.

Whether dubbing or subtitling, ASComm B W provides the perfect adaptation! When dubbing, we will present a faithful adaptation of the original text so as to give the impression that the words are native to the speaker. When subtitling, we will strictly respect the spirit of the original text, while ensuring optimal readability.

An expertise based on experience and skills gained during years of graduate studies in literature (Hypokhâgne and Khâgne), and in a screenwriting class at the Herbert Berghoff Studio in New York… strengthened and refined through the performed adaptations.

” One has to be attentive to the real connotations of the source text, to prevent misunderstandings and pass on, as far as possible, the message with all its meaning strength.” J.C. Margot (1979)